Happy Valentine’s Day

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day. Time for those with partners to show off, and for those artists without to take the excuse to experiment with a color palette that would usually get us laughed at. Pink here I come! I had also been trying some low-poly stuff so I threw it together thus:


The majority of this effect is accomplished through nodes. Continue reading

Keyed Particle Systems in Blender

The Particle systems in Blender are great, and can be quite powerful. I was playing with Keyed particles a while back, researching their use and abilities and discovering various cool tidbits. This is the result of my experimenting:

Keyed particle systems do not use keyframes in the same way as objects or bones or materials or number values or….. well, a lot of other parts of Blender. Continue reading

"Edge Render" back in Blender?


A few of you may know, and had momentary (or lasting, I don’t know) panic attacks when you found out, that the “edge render” function was removed from Blender. Well, it’s back! Good news for all of y’all who like yourselves some NPR (non-photoreal) rendering!

Tabs in Blender?


They put tabs in Blender? Well, tabs in a single window of Blender, at least. This is an interesting UI change to me, as it represents not only a single change to a single part of Blender, but possibly a whole new way of approaching the UI. I’ll start by saying I’m in favor of the tabs. I think it is a great addition, especially for someone opening Blender for the first time. Continue reading

Vfx Breakdown Rendezvous With A Swindler 3.5

A breakdown of a few shots from Rendezvous With a Swindler 3.5. Every time I go to create a vfx breakdown I am surprised by how long it takes to create them! They go by so quickly as you watch but the editing takes much longer. This is part of why I only broke down three shots from the film.

As a special treat just for you guys I am including annotated images of the node trees used in the three shots! Continue reading

First Render from Armageddon!

vfx compositing

Behold! The first render from our sci-fi concept short Armageddon! I was working on the materials for the alien patrol flying saucer which is featured largely in the film. For this project I decided to go with the fairly new Cycles render engine, which first became available early 2011! Take a look at the render engine here on the wiki: Cycles Wiki
For an introductory tutorial check out this Blenderguru tutorial: Introduction to Cycles

Ok, back on topic. Continue reading

Tears of Steel/Mango Project Online Release is Tomorrow!

The Blender Institute project Tears Of Steel will be released tomorrow, Wednesday 26th, September! This is very exciting for me as the project focuses on the art of visual effects.  I strongly recommend purchasing a DVD box set at http://tearsofsteel.org/! This set will contain all the studio files from Tears of Steel along with a making-of documentary, breakdowns, and behind the scenes goodies! You can also check out the blog and read up on what the team has been doing. A lot of cool behind the scenes information has been put up on the blog. The DVD and the Tears of Steel blog are great learning resources for everyone, no matter what area of Blender you are interested in.

Tears of Steel Poster of Awesome